Light Events

Place Winner Result
1st Stuart Clark 11.93s
2nd Finlay Donegan
3rd Hamish Leeson
4th Ewan Bradley
5th Fraser Davidson


Place Winner Result.
1st Ewan Bradley 1m
2nd Stewart Fraser
3rd Stuart Clark
4th Fraser Davidson
5th Finlay Donegan


Place Winner Result.
1st Stewart Fraser 2m 29s
2nd Ewan Bradley
3rd Fraser Davidson
4th Bruce Donald
5th Stuart Clark


High Jump.
Place Winner Result.
1st Fraser Davidson 1.62m
1st Stewart Fraser 1.62m
2nd Hamish Leeson 1.60m
2nd Stuart Clark 1.60m
3rd Ewan Bradley 1.55m


Long Jump
Place Winner Result.
1st Hamish Leeson 18′ 8″
2nd Stuart Clark 18′ 5″
3rd Fraser Davidson 17′ 7″
4th Finlay Donegan 17′ 5″
5th Ewan Bradley 17′ 4″


Hop, Step & Leap
Place Winner Result.
1st Finlay Donegan 39′ 6″
2nd Fraser Davidson 38′ 7″
3rd Hamish Leeson 37′ 9″
4th Stuart Clark 36′ 6″
5th Ewan Bradley 35′ 10″


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